God, Sex and Money!

Do I have your attention? Good I thought I might. These were the things in hair dressing school you are taught to not talk about. Too much controversy well now I am going to talk about it. I think people have a warped view of these subjects. Remember this is my opinion.

First, god and religion this is a very touchy subject. I, in no way mean to offend anyone. I was raised very religious so I know what it is like to be involved in this lifestyle and a lifestyle it is, if you are serious about your belief. Fear is one of the biggest things you are taught. Fear god, fear what he will do if your “Bad”. Some religions teach about heaven or hell others about a paradise you will be able to live in.

Whatever religion it is, the purpose is the end result were or what you will get for being “Good”. They always are teaching about the future. The problem is the future does not exists we are living right now, now is all we have. God is infinite power and the source of all. He/she does not judge, loves everyone and everything. Start now to enjoy your life NOW. “God’s gift to us is more talent than you could use in this lifetime. Our gift to god is to use as much as possible.” Bob Proctor

Next is money, this is something we are taught to think is evil. I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Money is the root of all evil” I know that is what I thought all my growing up years. We never have enough or you’re greedy if you want more. Well this is the worst way to think of money. If this is in your thoughts you will never have it and if you do come into money for some reason it will be gone before you know it. Think of money in this way, it is a servant. It is something to be grateful for and enjoy. Always be grateful for what you have.

Sex, well what to say about this subject. First, it is not dirty, it is beautiful. Yes, it can be abused as with everything. Two of the biggest causes of divorce are Sex and Money. So start to look at these things in a different way. I don’t go into this subject in too much detail. It is different for everyone, all I am trying to get across is that once you get in touch with your sexual side a relationship can flourish and be wonderful. It is the way two people in love connect on a deeper level. Always remember to put love in all that you do. Love is the highest level of vibration. To be in a positive state you always want to keep your vibration high.

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